Signs You Should Have An Air Conditioning Repair Professional Clean The Dirty Furnace Burners | Mansfield, TX

Signs You Should Have An Air Conditioning Repair Professional Clean The Dirty Furnace Burners | Mansfield, TX

Dirty furnace burners may present several signs that require replacement or cleaning. Hence, you must know these signs to avoid further problems with the heating and air conditioning system. Professional air conditioning repair technicians are dedicated to helping you resolve all the issues with your heating system to ensure that you can have a comfortably heated home. The technician will inspect the unit and uncover issues like the dirty furnace burners. They will then clean to ensure your home is adequately warmed. So, what signs indicate it’s time you have the furnace burners cleaned?

Have you noticed that your furnace is producing a yellow or orange flame? That is the most surefire sign that the furnace burners are dirty. In a properly working furnace, the burner flame should be blue. This flame indicates that the burners have enough combustion air and it has complete combustion. On the other hand, a yellow flame means the gas in the furnace is not properly burning. An orange or yellow burner flame could also mean the gas entering your furnace is not rightly burning. In such a case, your family and home are at risk of carbon monoxide leaks and poisoning.

If you notice this sign, you should have an air conditioning repair technician clean the burners and determine the cause of the dirt in your furnace. However, you can avert all this by having regular furnace maintenance. The professionals will inspect the entire unit, including the heat exchanger and burners, and address any existing issues. If any issue is caught, they will address it on the spot. Thus, all developing issues are addressed before they worsen so that you can avoid expensive air conditioning repairs.

The Furnace Is Emitting Uncharacteristic Smells

Does your furnace emit a strange smell? That could indicate that its burners are dirty or even clogged. Whenever the furnace burners are filthy, they might throw an odorous smell like oil, smoke, or rubber. Have you noticed either from your heating unit? That means it’s time you have a technician thoroughly clean the furnace burners. This smell is most noticeable when you turn your furnace on. This is because an accumulation of dust and gas is blocking your burners from properly functioning. You should not ignore these smells as that may lead to an excessive accumulation, leading to an even larger issue like various kinds of gas leaks or even fire outbreaks. Additionally, ensure you retain the services of an air conditioning repair technician to maintain the furnace.

Your Home Isn’t Being Heated to Your Preferable Temperatures

Have you noticed your home is not heated to your thermostat set temperatures? The culprit may be the dirty furnace burners. The lack of hot air at your home means the furnace needs to be heated. This can be caused by clogged or dirty furnace burners, which shut the furnace, hence the lack of heating. If even after cranking the thermostat up, your furnace doesn’t heat your home, then you should have an air conditioning repair technician check and clean the burners.

In some instances, the furnace might still give off some heat. However, that will not be enough to activate the blower fan. Inside your furnace are sensors for tracking the combustion chamber temperatures. Unfortunately, the furnace blower fans won’t come on if the chamber temperatures don’t rise to the set value. This means you will not get any heat despite the furnace producing some heat. If the indoor temperatures don’t reach the levels set on your thermostat, you should have a reliable air conditioning repair technician inspect it, diagnose the underlying problem, and make the necessary fixes.

The Energy Bills Have Suddenly Skyrocketed

The other sign that the furnace burners are dirty or clogged is when you notice a sudden surge in the heating utility bills. If you observe that your heating energy costs are suddenly higher than usual, the burners in your furnace can be to blame. Your heating system will still function even if the burners in your furnace are unclean. However, the furnace will put in more effort compared to when everything is working efficiently.

Your heating utility bills will increase because of this additional strain that your furnace will be experiencing. Have you experienced this at your home? You should have an air conditioning repair technician inspect the furnace, diagnose the underlying issue and fix it to ensure you don’t have to overspend on a unit that is not efficiently functioning. They will clean your furnace’s burners if it turns out they’re unclean and give you advice on how to ensure they are always clean.

When the Furnace Produces Weird Noises

Have you noticed that your furnace is making uncharacteristic sounds? That could be a sign that the furnace burners are dirty. A dirty burner will make pops, booms, or even rattling sounds. Hence, if you hear these in the combustion chamber, you should have an air conditioning repair technician clean the burners as they are almost dirty. These noises typically result from the small explosions in the furnace burners when they try to ignite. While some small explosions are not harmful, others may damage your furnace heat exchanger.

Poor Air Quality

Lastly, the indoor air quality at your home might take a toll if the furnace burners are dirty. If you realize the indoor air feels stuffy or stale, you should have an air conditioning repair technician inspect the unit further. If the professional diagnoses the problem as dirty or clogged furnace burners, that shouldn’t surprise you. They will clean the burners to ensure your home gets improved indoor air quality.

You can avert most furnace issues by ensuring a professional gives it protective maintenance. Have you noticed either of the above signs on your unit? Contact us at Minuteman Heating & Air for professional inspections, diagnosis, and repairs.

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