Step-by-Step Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning System | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Step-by-Step Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning System | Air Conditioning Service in Mansfield, TX

Air conditioning systems are one of the most popular home appliances in the hotter regions of the United States. Almost every modern house has these cooling systems installed so that people can live in ultimate comfort during the scorching hot summer days. Not only do these systems provide you with a comfortable environment to work and sleep in, but they are also quite beneficial for your health. So, if you live in the state of Texas and still don’t have an air conditioning system at your home, then you better get it before summer arrives. Call the best air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to buy and install a new cooling system for your house.

Air conditioning systems are complex machines that are made of various important components. All of these electromechanical components require frequent maintenance to function smoothly without any problems. Experts recommend getting your air conditioning system thoroughly serviced at least once a year. The best time for air conditioning service is during the spring season–when you don’t actually need it. Call the best air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to get your system serviced in the spring.

Although it is recommended to always get your air conditioner serviced by a professional, you can also do some small maintenance checks yourself as well.

Below are 8 steps you need to follow carefully when attempting maintenance yourself:

Step 1: Shut Off the Power

Air conditioning systems operate on relatively high power when compared to other home appliances. Therefore, the first thing you need to do before attempting maintenance yourself is shut off the power. The next thing you need to do is carry a current testing device with you for safety purpose. Check for current flow before you touch anything. If you are unsure about anything, then leave and call for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to take care of it.

Step 2: Remove Debris from Outdoor Unit

When attempting maintenance yourself, always start from the outside unit. You need to open the condenser unit by using a screwdriver or a wrench. After opening the condenser unit, look for any debris or leaves inside and if found, remove them all. You can clean the inside of the condenser unit either by hand or by using a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Clean the Fins

After you are done cleaning the condenser unit from the inside, it is time to clean the fins of the unit. Fins are thin sheets of metal that cover the entire condenser unit. The best way to clean these fins is by using a garden hose. Use the garden hose at low pressure and fire the water from the inside (towards the outside). In this way, all the dirt and debris will be flushed outwards instead of falling back in. Do not use a pressure washer for cleaning the fins as they are really thin and can be damaged easily. If you are confused about this cleaning process, then leave it for the professionals. Call the best air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to come and do the cleaning for you.

Step 4: Straighten the Fins

As mentioned earlier, the metal fins on the outside of the condenser unit are quite thin and can be easily damaged. So, if you notice some folded fins on the condenser unit, then simply go ahead and straighten them. Use butter knife for the best results. If you notice that the fins are damaged beyond repair, then you need to replace them immediately. Call the air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to come and replace them.

Step 5: Level the Unit

After you are done with all the cleaning in and around the condenser, the next thing to do is check the level of the unit. The condenser unit is installed at a perfect level when it’s new. However, throughout the years the soil can change and the condenser may get out of level. This is not good for the compressor as it may stop working sooner than it should. Grab a level measuring tool and check it. If it is out of level, then you need to call the air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX, to come and level it.

Step 6: Clean the Evaporator Coil

After wrapping up the outdoor, you can move towards the inside unit. The first thing you need to do is clean the evaporator coils. Get all the opening tools (screwdrivers, wrenches) and start the digging. Once you reach the coil, spray it with the coil cleaner solution (easily available in the market). The spray will likely drip off the coils and fall into the drain pan. Make sure you clean the drain pan as well while you are at it. If you are unable to clean the coil yourself, then simply call the air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

Step 7: Clear the Drain

Every air conditioning system has a drainage system to get rid of the moisture buildup around the condenser coils. Like every other drain, it is also always in danger of getting clogged due to some debris or dirt stuck in the pipe. Therefore, you need to clear the drain of your air conditioner as part of the maintenance process.

Step 8: Replace or Clean the Air Filter

Last but not least, change or clean the air filter of the air conditioning system. An air filter is one of the most important parts of climate control as it blocks the dirt and contaminants from entering the house. Just locate the air filter and replace it with a new one. If you have a reusable air filter, then put it back after cleaning it thoroughly. This task is so easy that you do not need to call for air conditioning service in Mansfield, TX.

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