The Step-By-Step Guide Your HVAC Technician Should Follow When Conducting Your Air Conditioning Repair Service | Mansfield, TX

The Step-By-Step Guide Your HVAC Technician Should Follow When Conducting Your Air Conditioning Repair Service | Mansfield, TX

An air conditioning unit comprises many integrated parts that work harmoniously to cool your home during summer. Sometimes, the science behind the working of these interconnected components might be a puzzle, especially for homeowners who know very little about how their unit functions or even which parts need to be repaired. Without this basic information, some people hire unreliable air conditioning repair personnel who only render sub-standard work.

As a homeowner, you must know what to expect from your hired AC repair technician during the service call. That way, you can tell whether or not your AC system has been thoroughly checked for damage. To help you be prepared the next time you call for air conditioning repair, this blog highlights the vital components that an air conditioning expert checks.

Electrical Components

Essentially, the electrical components of your home’s air conditioner are responsible for powering the different parts of the unit. They include capacitors, pressure switches, fan motors, thermostats, and relays. Just because the unit seems to work well when started doesn’t imply everything is okay.

There might be chances of a short system, or the fuses may be filled with debris. The capacitor could be broken in the worst of cases. All these calls for quick fixing by the AC service provider once identified.

Before checking the secondary parts of your air conditioner, the technician attending to your air conditioning repair needs must first inspect the AC’s wiring or electrical panel. A quick check into these controls helps know whether the components are functioning as expected. Once the AC repair professional is confident that everything is working fine, they can now proceed to check other parts of the unit.


The refrigerant should remain constant within your home’s air conditioner. However, for some reason, the technician may discover that the levels are relatively low. Remember, the ability of your air conditioner to efficiently cool your space depends on this chemical. A Low level of this liquid indicates possible leakage in the system.

Refrigerant leaks in the home are pretty hazardous, especially if left unchecked for a long time. This is because these substances are toxic and highly flammable. Besides, low refrigerant levels can cause extensive damage to the whole air conditioning system, and this may be quite expensive to fix the issues in the long run. Hiring a qualified air conditioning repair professional ensures that the refrigerant is handled correctly without causing further damage to your unit and the environment.


Typically, for most households, the air conditioning units are found outside the house. This means the chances of the condenser collecting dirt are high. With time, the condenser may accumulate much dirt, reducing its efficiency. Imagine paying extra for your electric bill, yet you can’t experience the cool home you want! In addition, dirty condenser coils might cause the entire unit to malfunction if not cleaned as early as possible.

Here is the deal. The next time you schedule an air conditioning repair appointment, expect your service provider to check the condenser; if they don’t, you should ask them to inspect it.

The Drain

The primary function of the drain is to ensure that the moisture that condenses around the air conditioner’s evaporator coils escapes from the unit. Without proper draining of this moisture, you might experience electrical faults or even have the unit start to rust.

Excessive water build-up in the AC unit is one cause of improper drain functioning. Usually, during the air conditioning repair process, a professional removes the drain and checks for any possible clog within it.

This is a quick process that could see the efficiency levels of your AC improved way too far. Timely air conditioning repairs help prevent small water leaks from worsening, resulting in water damage.


This is another critical component that your air conditioning repair person in Mansfield, TX, should check. A hole in the ductwork, however tiny, can significantly compromise the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning. Duct leakage may be the prime reason your energy bills are hiking, with no cooler home to show for it.

When the leak isn’t detected early enough, the air conditioner works harder to keep up with your home’s temperature, causing it to consume extra energy. If this goes on for an extended period, it may wear down the unit, costing you a fortune in frequent repairs in the future.

Obstructions On or Around the Unit

The air conditioner in your Mansfield, TX, home may fail to work correctly due to many obstructions. And this is very true if your air conditioning apparatus is placed outside the home. Likewise, debris and dirt may accumulate in the unit and cause it to misbehave if not removed in time.

So, among the things the air conditioning repair expert should do during the visit to your home is to check for and clear any dirt or debris found within the unit. If not removed, an accumulation of debris in the air conditioner can ultimately damage the coils, and this would be an added repair cost to you.

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