What Does an Air Conditioner Capacitor Do? What Mansfield Residents Should Know

What Does an Air Conditioner Capacitor Do? What Mansfield Residents Should Know

When your air conditioner breaks down, it can be a major inconvenience to your home or workplace in Mansfield, Texas. It might be a simple fix by cleaning out the dirty air filter, but if it’s the capacitor, you’ll be facing one of the more expensive parts replacement jobs. 

What does an air conditioner capacitor do? And why is the capacitor so crucial in ensuring a working cooling unit? Learn more below from Minuteman Heating & Air, the team responsible for Mansfield’s premium air conditioning services.

What’s an Air Conditioner Capacitor?

An air conditioner capacitor is a small, purely electrical component that helps store a charge. Without it, you can’t start up your air conditioner on those scorching summer days and nights in Mansfield.

This capacitor keeps electricity available for your air conditioner to restart its operation. A tiny burst of electricity can start the motor quickly, activating the entire cooling system the instant your thermostat sends the signal that a room is hot. That’s why having a faulty capacitor means nothing can switch on.

A reliable capacitor in your air conditioner stabilizes your entire system and starts the cooling process with a small jolt of electricity. If you’re trying to locate your capacitor, you may find it inside the large, cylindrical battery that’s inside your air conditioner’s electrical circuit. It is, essentially, a temporary battery.

What Does a Working Air Conditioner Capacitor Do For You in Mansfield, TX?

If you’re facing the sweltering climate in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex area,  you’ll want to know that your Mansfield air conditioner capacitor will hold a charge. Since the unit needs continuous power to start up each cycle, your capacitor remains one of the most necessary parts of your air conditioner.

For Mansfield residents, air conditioning is vital. You can’t beat the local heat and humidity without quick repair or replacement services if there’s an emergency breakdown. You’ll want to return home to complete comfort if you’ve visited local attractions in Mansfield, such as Play Park MTX or the Mansfield Activities Center. A capacitor problem can’t wait.

How To Know if You Have a Faulty Air Conditioner Capacitor

So, what does an air conditioner capacitor do to maintain your unit’s cooling power? Since it is responsible for the unit’s startup and consistent running, you’ll discover quickly if you have a faulty capacitor. Contact an HVAC professional like Minuteman Heating & Air if you notice any problems with your capacitor, including the following:

Short Cycling

If your AC unit short cycles, one of the most likely culprits is your capacitor. It stores electricity and experiences constant high voltage shocks, which means this component is more prone to wear and tear. While short cycling can also happen due to an overheating unit or frozen coils, it is more common to see a faulty power supply or set of start capacitors.

Faulty Starts

If you try to start your Mansfield air conditioner without any success, the problem is likely within your capacitor. Not getting a jumpstart results in no power for your air conditioning unit’s components, but a faulty start isn’t always the end of your unit’s capacitor. If the part is dirty, a quick HVAC professional appointment from a Minuteman Heating & Air team can get your system back into action.


If you hear a new humming sound from inside your air conditioner, your capacitor may be failing. Any low humming or banging sound signals an issue with your blower fan. However, a higher-pitched humming or whining is one of the hallmark signs that your capacitor is trying to function on broken hardware. 

Steadily Rising Electricity Bills

If your air conditioner blows cool air and still functions well but is eating up power to maintain that performance, you may have a faulty capacitor. Inefficiency steadily raises energy bills. Keeping close track of your monthly utility bill could help you pick up on these subtle issues early so that you can schedule professional maintenance and repairs.

Work With Minuteman Heating & Air for All Your HVAC Needs in Mansfield, Texas

What does an air conditioner capacitor do? Since you know how crucial this component is to your entire cooling system in Mansfield, Texas, you won’t want to wait too long if you notice your unit showing any signs that you need AC service. Minuteman Heating & Air provides various HVAC services at competitive prices, so reach out to us today at 817-563-1660 to schedule services!