When To Enlist An Air Conditioning Repair Technician To Service Your HVAC System | Mansfield, TX

When To Enlist An Air Conditioning Repair Technician To Service Your HVAC System | Mansfield, TX

Your heating and air conditioning system must be regularly serviced to operate at peak performance. With routine maintenance, it will not be straining to cool or heat your home, for there will be no clogs or obstructions on the evaporator coils and the air ducts. However, you must know the main factors that impact how frequently you need an air conditioning service. Well, many factors influence this. However, regardless of the factors, it is still recommended that you ensure that your HVAC system is inspected and serviced at least once per year. The maintenance service includes duct cleaning, recharging the refrigerant in case of leaks, and replacing the filters. So, what influences how frequently you should have an air conditioning repair technician come to your Mansfield, TX home for maintenance service?

Factors That Affect the HVAC Service Frequency

There is no hiding the fact that routine maintenance ensures that your system is properly functioning. It also ensures that the HVAC system is energy efficient and improves indoor air quality. Let us look at the main factors influencing how often you should have an air conditioning service provider service your HVAC unit.


An average heating and air conditioning system has a lifespan of 15-20 years. Unfortunately, the functionality of your air conditioning system usually diminishes as the system ages. This means that it will need more repairs or, at one point, a replacement. Additionally, as the system ages, it requires more servicing by a licensed, experienced heating and air conditioning repair technician. Fortunately, newer HVAC models are more efficient in energy and functionality. This means they need far less maintenance than traditional systems and are longer lasting.

Further, these systems have extended part and labor warranties covering maintenance costs. So, are you considering replacing your old HVAC system or air conditioner? Then you should consider having the technician install a more modern system. Before making the purchase, ask the vendor whether the appliance comes with a maintenance warranty. The last thing that you want is for the unit to malfunction on the first day, and it doesn’t have a warranty.


Did you know that the size of your HVAC system can influence how frequently it needs a maintenance service? A smaller heating and air conditioning system requires less maintenance than a larger one. This is because a smaller system uses less cooling energy and far less friction. On the other hand, a large heating and air conditioning system is usually more complex. This also means that they need more regular maintenance by an air conditioning repair technician to be effective.

Natural Disasters

Homes prone to natural disasters such as cyclones and hurricanes require frequent air conditioning services. Heavy rains or wind may damage the unit, shut it down, or even malfunction. Additionally, debris, dirt, and other materials may choke your air conditioner and reduce efficiency. Hence, ensure that a reliable air conditioning repair technician services your HVAC system at least once every year, no matter where you live.

House Pets

Do you have pets such as cats and dogs at your Mansfield, TX home? Then you must have an air conditioning service after every six months. Pet fur is an allergen that might find its way into the air ducts or filters, resulting in a clog or an allergic inflammation. This fur also obstructs the HVAC ventilation, making it inefficient. Because of the rise in pet allergies, your air conditioning unit should also be free of pet dander and hair. Additionally, ensure that a reliable air conditioning repair technician installs HEPA filters in your HVAC.

Which Model Is the Unit?

Another factor that influences how frequently you need an air conditioning service is the make and model of the HVAC system. The usual heating and air conditioning systems are complex and bulky. Unfortunately, this results in various issues and malfunctions. Since they have fewer mechanical components, the ductless systems are compact. This means that they are not susceptible to the usual wear and tear.

Additionally, ductless systems are easy and cheaper to install as they don’t involve installing any air ducts. They don’t involve maintenance services such as cleaning the air ducts. Hence, if you are looking for a system that is easy to install and requires less maintenance, you might want to have your air conditioning repair technician install a ductless system. with ductless systems, maintenance can be done once every two years. On the other hand, traditional systems like central air conditioning require annual servicing.

Frequency of Use

With frequent use, a heating and air conditioning system may collect debris and dirt. This ultimately results in issues with ventilation and performance. Are you the kind of a homeowner that is always indoors with the air conditioner on? It would help if you had a professional air conditioning repair technician come for regular maintenance. However, yearly maintenance will do if you don’t use your air conditioner regularly.

Number of Inhabitants

A large family produces more indoor air pollutants compared to a smaller one. They also have different heating or cooling requirements, which strains the air conditioning system. Therefore, an HVAC system serving a large family will require more frequent maintenance than a smaller one. For the HVAC system to run efficiently, you must ensure that it is serviced regularly by a reliable air conditioning repair technician.

Your Home Insulation Levels

If your home isn’t insulated properly, then your air conditioning system will not be able to keep your Mansfield, TX home at your preferred temperatures. Unfortunately, a lack of insulation reduces your air conditioning system’s lifespan and requires regular maintenance from a heating and air conditioning repair technician. Hence, ensure that your home is properly insulated.

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