Why an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner is Important

Why an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner is Important

With various unpredictable changes in the temperature, installing a good HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system has become inevitable. There are a number of things you must consider when it comes to an HVAC installation including its maintenance, repairing, and installation. However, one major thing you must keep in account before purchasing and installing an HVAC is that how energy efficient it is. If you are looking for an air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area, we urge you to go for an option that is not only less expensive but more energy efficient since that will prove to be economic in the long run.

Advantages of Using an Energy Efficient HVAC System

You are advised to hire a reliable air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area to install the most energy efficient air conditioner because of various reasons. Some of them are discussed below:


Installing a HVAC system that is higher in energy efficiency may be more expensive than going for a less efficient system. However, this disparity is only when the initial cost is concerned. In long-term scenarios, buying a more energy efficient air conditioner is a better option since it is more likely to produce lesser bills than an air conditioner with lower initial cost but also lower energy efficiency. Therefore, it is economically more viable to install an energy efficient HVAC system using a reliable air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth area.

Longer Operating Life

HVAC systems, which are more energy efficient, are designed to work smartly instead of working harder. Therefore, such models have a longer operating life with higher efficiency. Make use of an experienced air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area to have one installed at your house.

Environmental Friendly

According to various studies, unlike a regular HVAC, an energy efficient system is less likely to produce greenhouse gases and also curtails carbon pollution, which is extremely harmful for the environment. Therefore, use a good air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area to install an environmental friendly HVAC. This will ensure a purer atmosphere not only for your family now but also for your future generation.

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is an excellent option, allowing you to control your home temperature. You can hire a reliable air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area to install a thermostat that you can use through your smart phone. This will allow you to have a control over the temperature even when you are not at home. This will decrease the extra energy consumption that might have happened if you ever forgot to switch off the air conditioning before leaving the house.

Useful Tips on How to Save Energy and Money

People may not like to admit it but most of them are guilty of careless practices regarding air conditioner usage. For example, many would prefer to turn the air conditioner high, instead of switching on the fan. Similarly, people often forget about thermostats as a result of which, they turned to full-blast in their absence increasing not only the energy bills but also environmental pollution. Although these situations can be controlled by hiring an air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area to install an energy efficient equipment, there are other ways to deal with the problem as well.

An average household is likely to spend from $1000 to $2000 on yearly basis on energy consumption. Since the living costs are increasing in general, dealing with such higher energy consumption might become a problem as well. Fortunately, there are a few hacks that can help you in cutting the energy bills. Following are some fixes, which can help in lowering the energy bills to a great degree without costing much on their own.

Energy Solutions That Cost Nothing

Following these easy, quick, do-it-yourself steps can help you with saving energy and controlling your air conditioner bills as well for free.

  • Always use a ceiling fan to supplement your air conditioner, as this will give better results while operating the air conditioner at moderate temperatures. As a result, the energy bills will be lesser.
  • Turning the thermostat low while you are at home but turning it higher to around 85 is another free hack you can use to save energy and money.
  • The oldest and most useful hack is to always switch off lights, appliances, and especially air conditioners when they are not being used. Unplugging the chargers of the devices, which are not being used, is also a good way to save energy.
  • Apart from using the air conditioner efficiently, you should also use other machines in a careful manner as well. For example you can line dry your clothes instead of using dryer.

Low Cost Energy Solutions

These energy solutions are not completely free but are still quite economical. Any homeowner can use these inexpensive solutions easily by procuring the required material at any hardware shop. Some of these are given below:

  • Replacing filters of your HVAC regularly is also advisable. Do it as per the specifications of the manufacturer. Using a professional air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area is also advisable.
  • Another way to increase the air conditioner efficiency is to make the windows, doors, and walls weather proof using air leaks.
  • Always use energy efficient products including the air conditioner.

Investing in Energy Solutions

In case you are planning to save money and energy on a long-term basis, then there are a lot of other investments that can be of help. Some of these are given below

  • Invest in new equipment, which are more energy efficient. These include an air conditioner that will use less energy along with providing greater results in comparison to older units. Install one hiring a good air conditioning service in Arlington and Fort Worth Area.
  • During summers when the sweltering heat makes you turn on the air conditioners higher, try building shades and covers to deal with it. In this way, the intensity of heat affecting your building will be less and there will be no need for you to turn on the air conditioner too much. You can have similar effects by planting trees around your house.
  • Another way to save energy and money is to increase the attic insulation. This will help in keeping the temperature inside the house more constant.
  • Investing in a house fan is also a great idea as that allows the cool air to be sucked into the house reducing the need to use air conditioners.

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