Your Guide To Air Conditioning Service

Your Guide To Air Conditioning Service

Investing in air conditioning service on a routine basis helps ensure your home’s major system is maintained properly. The hot summer days make it very uncomfortable to live when your home’s air conditioner is not working or is not working properly. You can avoid many risks and costs by simply working with an air conditioning company to keep your system operating at its best. Here’s what you need to know about this process.

How Often Do You Need Routine Care and Service?

Working with an air conditioning service on a routine basis can help to protect your system for years to come. The goal here is to ensure your air conditioner is able to run at an optimal level. To do that, it needs all components to work properly. Most of the time, you should schedule routine preventative maintenance for your system at least one time a year, usually before the heavy-use season. This helps ensure your air conditioner is able to run properly throughout the summer months.

During an AC service by a professional, a number of tasks are likely to be completed. Each one is very valuable to keep your AC running properly in the heat, and intense weather conditions. Some of the tasks your technician is likely to offer during this process include the following:

Cleaning Air Filters

One of the first components of the AC service is to have the filters removed and cleaned or replaced. While this is a common task that homeowners typically need to complete on their own, it is also important to remember that a professional can offer more in-depth cleaning for them. This will include removing more of the buildup of lint, dust, debris, and other material deep within the air conditioner that can often cause it to stop working efficiently.

If your air conditioner has ice formation on it or it is not cooling properly, it is often the air filters behind the problem. The good news is that air conditioning service can help get your home back into good working order when it comes to cooling down properly.

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

The evaporator coil, as well as the condenser, also need to be cleaned. Allowing a professional to do this during air conditioning service can help to improve your overall outcome – it helps ensure that the system is cleaned thoroughly and that any problems with it are spotted right away. The removal of dust and debris from the system is very important. It can help prevent it from overheating and may also provide the help you need to clean the air conditioner.

Some of the components for your air conditioner are located outside. It will be essential for you to have these cleaned before the start of the AC season. That takes a few minutes to complete by a professional and can be done safely.

Motor and Electrical Systems

It is a good idea to have the air conditioning service team take a look at the entire electrical system. This part of the process will include looking at all wire connections, looking at the motor, inspecting the overall functionality of the system, and looking for any areas of damage. Rodents can chew on lines causing the risk of a system failure. Other times, water damage can cause a risk of fire.

Your service team will inspect the functionality of the system to ensure each component is working at its best. This includes no signs of significant wear or tear and ensuring the system meets all safety requirements.

Efficiency Ratings

One of the steps you can take to get more out of your air conditioner this year is to have your service company help you determine if it is operating at its most efficient level. Completing the preventative maintenance work here is one of the most important steps in that process, but that’s not all you need to factor into it.

  • Is the system older and no longer capable of operating efficiently?
  • Are there any problems with the ductwork that could be causing the air conditioner to operate less efficiently?
  • Is it time to upgrade or replace the thermostat so that you can get more zoned control over your home and AC use?

During air conditioning service, ask your technician about ways you can improve the efficiency of your system. Doing so is always worthwhile. It nearly always leads to a lowering of your cooling costs, and that can prove to be a critical investment.

When Should You Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Arlington heat can get pretty high as early as April and May in some years. For that reason, you may need to turn on your air conditioner by that time. If that is what you expect, it is best to have your AC service done prior to that, in the spring months.

This is often the ideal time to have this completed. There are several reasons for that.

#1: It’s Less Busy

For service providers, the spring months are slower. That means they are able to get you in and get the work you need faster and often with fewer delays overall. This also means you do not have to pay for expensive emergency repairs. Though you still need to schedule a service call with an available technician, it tends to be easier to do that when there are not as many people trying to do the same thing.

Also, consider that when summer rolls in, it becomes very common for service technicians to receive a lot of calls for repairs from non-working systems. That means that you will be competing for time for appointments with technicians that are likely to be busy with emergency repairs.

#2: It Helps Minimize Your Risk Before You Start to Use It

You don’t want to start your air conditioner for the season without having an inspection completed first. While you can do this, that could mean any problems with the system over the winter months have not yet been handled. A critter could have chewed away at some lines, or you may have found yourself facing a non-working system. The cold weather during the winter months can damage the system, making it less functional and could need professional repair.

#3: A Small Problem Is Easier to Fix Now

If there is a problem with the function of the air conditioning, having a professional find that problem and fix it now before the hot days roll in could help you avoid uncomfortable and expensive repairs. By having this done in the spring, you can minimize any risk of problems worsening during the first part of the season, which can be very expensive.

Can You Handle the Service Yourself?

It is possible to do some of the necessary steps to get your air conditioning service done yourself. However, to do that, there are a few things to keep in mind.

It’s more than the filters

Remember that the AC service is critical to the overall functionality of the system throughout the year. You want a professional to take a close look at all working components to ensure the system is properly up and ready to go for the year.

Handle the cleaning yourself

You tackle some of the cleaning before the season starts. This includes cleaning out the evaporator and condenser coils to remove all of the debris and dirt collected there. This can help to improve airflow through the system. It is a key component of any air conditioning service call. You can also clean or replace the air filter for your system (this is something you should do each month throughout the season as well).

It is also a good idea to use a small vacuum to clean out the vents in your home. This can help to increase the amount of airflow to your AC system and makes it possible for you to get more air moving into and out of each room of the home. Just remove the vent cover, wipe them off, and vacuum out anything in that area. You can have a service technician do a more thorough duct cleaning as well.

Know your warranty

When you buy a new air conditioner, one of the steps you will likely take is to compare warranties. Since this is a large and critical component of your home, you want to be sure it is going to last as long as possible. However, many warranties have very specific stipulations on them that require routine, professional service to be completed. If your warranty stipulates a preventative maintenance checklist and you do not have documentation of that, you could be facing concerns if you need to file a claim with the warranty.

Why You’ll Benefit from an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

Taking care of your home’s major systems helps you to protect the value of your home overall. The AC service is one of the most important steps you need to take at least one time each year to ensure your home can operate efficiently. There are several key benefits that come from professional services like this.

#1: It Can Save You Money on Emergency Problems

You will have to pay for an AC service each time you call a technician. However, the cost of preventative maintenance tends to be much lower than what you can expect to pay for the emergency calls that you need to make during the middle of summer if you fail to maintain the system. Many times, the service technician will spot a potential problem, fix it, and help you avoid bigger problems later as a result.

#2: Lower Your Energy Bill

Another key benefit to having service calls like this done is that it can help you to improve the functionality of your system, reducing the amount of energy it needs to use to cool your home. If you have clogged air filters, for example, that is going to make it much harder for the system to work, requiring more energy to pull in air to cool the home.

If you want to see your energy bills drop, you need to have routine service to your system. It can help to improve the overall efficiency of the system considerably, especially if you have not had this done in some time.

#3: Add Years to the Life of Your System

Most people do not want to replace their air conditioner before they absolutely have to do so. With routine service, you may be able to extend the lifespan of the system by a few years, especially if you do this on a consistent basis. Many factors play a role in the lifespan of an AC unit, but for most properties, good maintenance and upkeep can minimize the risk of having to replace it too soon.

#4: Protect the Value of Your Home

Whether you plan to sell it soon or maintain ownership for a long time, keeping your air conditioner in good working order helps to minimize the risk of high costs and helps ensure your home’s value is maintained on a consistent basis. If you do plan to sell your home, having a record of all of the service calls you’ve had can help to demonstrate the value it offers to the home.

#5: It Improves Air Quality

Though your air conditioner itself does not control the overall air quality in the home, as many factors contribute to that, it can help minimize the amount of dust and debris heading into the air if you have routine maintenance completed.

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When You Should Call An Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Service

When You Should Call An Emergency Air Conditioner Repair Service

Air conditioners maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and improve indoor air quality. However, like any other installation, they’re susceptible to wear and tear. Routine inspections and maintenance are the best way to pay for an emergency air conditioner repair service.

Despite owning ACs for some time, most people need to know what constitutes an AC repair emergency. These can vary from strange noises to your unit not working completely. Before you get to this point, it’s best to call a reliable air conditioner repair service to check and fix the unit.

ACs comprise a complex system involving multiple units indoor and outdoor, making it difficult to find the root problem. Instead of approaching AC-related issues as a DIY, contact rated professionals such as Minuteman Heating & Air for the best service. Below are signs you should call your repair expert.

Your AC Stops Working

Nothing is as refreshing as relaxing in the comfort of your home after a day in the hot summer climate. However, a complete unit breakdown can hinder this comfort, forcing you to deal with high indoor temperatures. If your AC isn’t working, you should first check the circuit breakers or thermostat to ensure they’re working optimally.

If your unit is receiving power but not providing optimal temperatures, you can adjust the thermostat to fit your needs. When the AC unit is non-responsive, there may be a problem with your unit requiring the attention of an AC repair service. The expert can diagnose the issue and provide lasting solutions.

Calling the technician to have the system checked immediately is the best way to get rid of the discomfort and restore your home’s cooling system.

Electrical Issues with Your AC

Your AC woes could stem from electrical issues that have persisted over time. Ignoring electrical issues such as your AC taking long to start or alternating between efficiency and inefficiency. Electrical problems shouldn’t be ignored as they can manifest into major problems. Other problems related to this include a burning smell, dimming lights, or constantly tripping breakers.

Immediately you notice these signs, call your AC repair service to have your unit inspected and diagnosed. Electrical issues can cost you more than the AC unit as they can cause electrical fires. An AC professional has the necessary experience and technical knowledge to handle your AC issues. Protect your family and yourself by contacting a professional.

Leaking Water

Leaking water is a serious issue that needs immediate response as it can cause major property damage. Excess moisture in the house can easily attract pests and provide optimal conditions for moss and mold growth, posing a health issue in your home. The worst part is that some leaks can go undetected for days or weeks, especially if you have a concealed unit.

Leaking water is often caused by ice formed on coils or clogged condensate drains. This problem affects the performance of your AC unit, in turn affecting indoor comfort. Water-related problems are classified as an emergency and warrant you to call a repair service.

Water from your unit not only affects your home but could damage your AC, forcing you to pay for extensive and expensive repairs. The best approach to this problem is to call a technician to run a complete diagnosis, unearth the cause of the leak, and provide a solution.

Your AC Is Making Loud Noises

ACs are designed to run smoothly and quietly without interfering with sleep or comfort. However, a damaged AC unit can hamper this with a strange loud noise. People who work from home can be distracted by the buzzing and clanking noises from the unit. It can be frustrating trying to find the source of the noise, especially when all you want is to relax.

Instead of dealing with the scraping and grinding noise from the unit, call your air conditioner repair service to have it checked. Calling a licensed technician saves your AC from more damage while restoring the peace in your home.

Bad Smells from the AC

A bad smell from your AC may indicate many wrong things, including dead animals in the vent. This is a problem you cannot wish away and needs your immediate attention. Aside from dead animals, other common smells include burning electrical components and musty smells. The burning smell may result from damage to your electrical components due to overheating or overloading.

These smells interfere with indoor air quality, affecting your home’s comfort. Don’t risk the health or safety of your loved ones by ignoring these smells. Switch off the unit and wait for the certified repair service.

Warm Air from the AC

Air conditioning units are used to regulate indoor temperatures and elevate comfort. They’re mostly used during summer to make the heat bearable. However, when your AC unit is channeling warm instead of cool air, you need to call your repair service provider.

There are several reasons why your AC could be producing warm air, including a damaged condenser or little refrigerant. Instead of trying to find the problem, it’s best to contact your repair service and have them look at the system.

When unchecked, you may end up paying utility bills you aren’t using and possibly cause more damage to the unit. A reliable AC company such as Minuteman Heating & Air can help find the sources of the problem, including a leak in your ductwork, and offer the best solution.

Find the Best HVAC Services from Minuteman Heating & Air

Your AC producing warm air or strange noises is something you should take seriously and call an air conditioner repair service. Any sign of damage should be treated as an emergency and given its deserved attention.

At Minuteman Heating & Air, we offer a wide range of HVAC services including AC repair. Contact us for more information and book an appointment.

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Is Your AC Acting Up? Call An Air Conditioning Service

Is Your AC Acting Up? Call An Air Conditioning Service

If you’ve lived in Texas for at least one summer, you know how hot it can get. When the temperature outside reaches 90 degrees, the temperature inside can reach 120 degrees, so it’s essential that your air conditioner functions correctly. Maintaining the unit yearly is one way to prevent a complete AC breakdown when you need it the most. Also, if you can detect problems early, you can call an air conditioning service before the situation escalates, which could result in a complete breakdown.

DIY home repairs are common today, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of DIY videos online and the many home improvement TV shows. Although some home repairs are great DIY projects, a DIY AC repair isn’t one. Without the necessary HVAC training, you could cause further damage, and you should never work with electricity without proper training.

If your air conditioner experiences any of the following problems, an air conditioning service can help.

Minimal Airflow from the Vents

Sufficient airflow is essential to keep your house cool, and you should feel an intense rush of cold air when you stand in front of a vent in your home. If you feel minimal airflow or none at all, it’s time to call an air conditioning service.

This is a problem that should be addressed immediately because this one issue can cause a few different problems. Insufficient airflow will cause the air conditioner to work harder to keep the house cool and consume more energy. More energy consumption will cause a considerable increase in your electric bills, which is the last thing you want, considering that energy costs have increased recently. In addition, when the air conditioner works harder for a significant amount of time, the unit’s lifespan will decrease, and you’ll have to replace it sooner than expected. The best way to avoid these problems is to immediately call an AC service.

A few problems can prevent sufficient airflow, including:

  • Clogged air ducts: The air ducts in your house allow the cold air to travel from the unit to the vents throughout the house. Over time, the dirt, dust, and debris in your home will build up in the air ducts, regardless of how clean you keep your house. Up to five pounds of debris can accumulate in one year and eventually clog the ducts, blocking the airflow. Clogged air ducts can also affect your home’s air quality. When the air conditioner runs, the debris from the ducts will circulate in the air and can cause allergy symptoms. An AC service will send a tech to clean the debris from the ducts, restoring the airflow and improving your home’s air quality.
  • Damaged air ducts: Your air ducts are hidden behind the walls, under the floor, or above the ceiling, so you know if they’re damaged, and the only sign is reduced airflow. A crack or break in the ducts will allow the cold air to leak before reaching the vents, affecting the airflow. The same is true if the sealant that holds the parts of the ducts together fails. An AC service will send a tech to check the ducts for signs of damage and repair the damage to restore adequate airflow.
  • Faulty blower: Your air conditioner has a blower that forces the cold air from the unit, through the ducts, to the vents. If the blower isn’t working correctly, much of the cold air will remain stagnant in the ducts, resulting in minimal airflow. An HVAC tech will determine if the blower can be repaired or if replacing it with a new one is the best way to restore sufficient airflow.

Minimal airflow can affect your energy bills, bank account, and the air conditioner’s lifespan, so you should call an air conditioning service when you notice the airflow is restricted.

The Air Conditioner Fails to Produce Cold Air

Your air conditioner is designed to create cold air to keep your house cool and comfortable. If your home is warm even though the air conditioner is on, check the air temperature from the vents. If the air is warm, you may need to call an air conditioning service, but you should check the thermostat and air filter first. The last thing you want is to wait for a tech and spend money on a service call for something you could have fixed yourself.

First, ensure the air filter isn’t clogged or covered in dirt and grime. If it is, air won’t move through the unit effectively, causing it to overheat and shut down, and replacing the filter will solve the problem. When checking your thermostat, ask yourself a few questions. Is the thermostat set to the cooling mode? Is the fan set to ON? Is it warmer in the house than the setting on the thermostat? If you said no to any of these questions, adjusting the thermostat will solve the problem. If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to call an AC service.

A few issues can prevent the air conditioner from producing cold air, and you’ll need a licensed tech to determine the cause.

  • Refrigerant leak: Refrigerant is essential for your air conditioner to create cold air, and a leak will deplete the supply, and you’ll feel warm air when the unit runs. Over time, formic acid can eat away at the copper wiring, creating tiny holes that allow the refrigerant to leak, and eventually, there will be no refrigerant left. An AC service will send a tech to fix the leak and refill the refrigerant. Unfortunately, the leak can’t be fixed if the unit was manufactured before 2010, and your only option is to replace it. Older air conditioners use R-22 refrigerant, which is banned in the United States after it was determined that it’s toxic and damaging to the ozone layer. The tech can easily fix the leak, but they won’t have R-22 to refill the unit, so it must be replaced with a newer model.
  • Faulty compressor: The indoor unit and outdoor compressor work together to create cold air. If the compressor stops working, the indoor unit can’t produce cold air alone, and you’ll feel warm air coming from the vents. An air conditioning service will send a tech to fix the compressor and restore the cold air in your house.
  • Frozen evaporator coils: The air conditioner’s evaporator coils extract heat and humidity from the air to start the cooling process. If the coils have frozen, they can’t do their job, and the unit will produce warm air, and it’s best to call an air conditioning service immediately. They’ll send a tech to thaw the coils and determine why they froze to prevent it from happening again. A few issues can allow the coils to freeze, including dirty coils, inadequate airflow in the unit, low fan speed, or you run the air conditioner when it is too cold outside.

Thermostat Issues

Your thermostat is the air conditioner’s brain, telling the unit when to turn on and off and how cool you want your house to be. If the thermostat stops working, it can affect your home’s temperature. A few signs indicate a broken thermostat, including:

  • The thermostat doesn’t light up.
  • Nothing happens when you turn on the AC or adjust the temperature.
  • The AC cycles too frequently.
  • The temperature in the house doesn’t match the temperature in your home.
  • The programmed setting keeps erasing.

If your thermostat experiences any of the following problems, you should change the batteries. If this doesn’t solve the problem, call an AC service. They’ll send a tech to confirm that the thermostat is broken and can discuss your options. Thermostat technology has improved over the last several years, and programmable thermostats are no longer the only thermostat to save money on your energy bills. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats allow you to adjust the thermostat using your smartphone from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

The Air Conditioner Emits a Foul Smell

Your air conditioner is designed to produce clean, odorless air. It’s normal to smell dust when you turn on the unit for the first time during the cooling season, and the smell will dissipate within a few minutes. If you smell mold or something burning when the unit runs, you should call an AC service because these odors indicate issues that can put your home and family at risk.

  • Burning: A burning smell indicates a wiring issue, and you should turn off the AC immediately and call an AC service. The odor is caused by burning wire insulation and can start an electrical fire if not addressed immediately. An HVAC tech can find and replace the faulty wire, eliminating the risk of a fire that could destroy your house in minutes. When the job is complete, you can feel safe turning the AC on.
  • Mold: A moldy sign indicates the presence of mold somewhere in the HVAC system and is most commonly found in the air ducts. The air ducts are hidden and dark, and the humidity will create condensation, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold. If you smell mold when the unit runs, turn it off immediately and call an air conditioning service. When the unit runs, mold spores will circulate in the air, putting your family at risk for mold-related health problems, such as burning eyes, chronic headaches, allergies, skin rashes, a weakened immune system, and respiratory issues. If someone living in your home has a chronic lung or respiratory condition, mold exposure will worsen the symptoms and their condition. If the tech finds mold in the ducts, it can be eliminated with an antimicrobial fogger. If the ducts are clear, the mold is likely in the air conditioner and is more challenging to eradicate. If the tech cannot remove every mold spore, the unit must be replaced to keep your family healthy. If they can eliminate the mold, you should talk to the tech about installing a UV lamp to prevent mold and bacteria growth.

You should never ignore foul smells when the air conditioner runs, and it’s best to turn off the unit and call an AC service. An HVAC tech resolves the issue, ensuring the safety of your home and family.

The Air Conditioner Fails to Dehumidify the House

Your air conditioner is designed to eliminate the humidity in your house, making it more comfortable. Running the oven or a house full of people can increase the humidity, but if you aren’t using the oven and there aren’t any guests in your house, it’s time to call an AC service.

A few issues can prevent the unit from dehumidifying the house, including:

  • The thermostat fan is set to ON
  • The evaporator coils are dirty.
  • The refrigerant is leaking.
  • An issue is causing the unit to cycle too frequently, and it won’t have a chance to eliminate the humidity.

Fortunately, an HVAC tech can diagnose and repair the issue, and your home will be cool and comfortable.

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Our techs are professionally trained, and their knowledge and experience have allowed them to handle some of the most challenging jobs in the industry. Our techs also receive ongoing training to ensure they can work on the latest HVAC models.

If you need an appointment for HVAC service, call us at Minuteman Heating & Air or book online.

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