Air Conditioner Repairs for Your Arlington, Texas, Space

These long months of warm weather in Texas are no time to entertain a broken-down air conditioning system. Do you need fast air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX? Our Minuteman Heating & Air professionals can help.

In Arlington, our team treats every customer like family and prioritizes building long-lasting relationships that serve the community relying on our heating and cooling services. In addition to air conditioning repair services, we: 

  • Clean and install insulated ductwork.
  • Install new cooling and HVAC units.
  • Repair or replace all types of climate control systems.


What are the most common issues affecting air conditioning systems in Arlington?

Poor Performance

Air conditioners that take longer than usual to start blowing cool air or only blow warm air often have refrigerant leaks or compressor issues. When refrigerant levels are low, the system cannot effectively transfer heat to the outdoor air. You could also be experiencing cool air loss through poor insulation or around windows and doors.

Excess Humidity

During the humid Arlington summer, malfunctioning air conditioners leave indoor air excessively humid. The system cannot correctly regulate humidity when its evaporator coils are dirty or broken.

Unusual Sounds and Odors

Refrigerant leaks, overheating, or mechanical problems often cause strange odors. Unusual banging or squealing sounds indicate mechanical problems.

Frequent Cycling and Electrical Issues

Malfunctioning thermostats or circuit breakers can cause air conditioners to run continuously. 


A regular maintenance and cleaning schedule will help your cooling system run efficiently. That means it should last longer and need fewer future repairs, saving you money on both fronts.

Your unit’s inspections, tune-ups, and deep cleaning should happen annually before Arlington’s warm weather sets in. During these visits, our professionals do the following:

  • Clean the air conditioning units.
  • Check the electric components.
  • Ensure it’s leak-free.
  • Top up the refrigerant.
  • Make minor repairs.

We also recommend that Arlington residents change the air conditioner’s filters every 30 to 90 days and keep the outdoor unit area free of grass, weeds, and debris.


With Minuteman Heating & Air, your Arlington cooling system receives certified, experienced, and thoroughly trained technicians. That means quick air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX, and support for all types of AC systems. Once you call us, expect the following:

  • We thoroughly inspect your air conditioning system. 
  • We share the best course of action and get your approval.
  • We make repairs before the issues become more expensive. 

Our goal is always to save you money while helping provide the indoor comfort you want. Professional repairs improve indoor air quality, and you might even lower your energy bills.


When the city was founded in 1876, Arlington, Texas, soon became an important agricultural hub in this region. Over the years, the city of Arlington has also become a vital part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan region, especially as a notable sports and family recreation center.

Arlington’s weather is typical of its location, with ordinarily mild winters and hot, long summers. As such, the city remains a popular vacation spot for families from around the United States. The attractions also contribute to tourism, with Six Flags Over Texas, a massive amusement park with dozens of rides and entertainment options all year, and outdoors and wildlife enthusiasts traveling to River Legacy Parks’ miles of beautiful trails. 

Of course, Arlington locals will undoubtedly highlight AT&T Stadium, the renowned home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys. Additionally, Globe Life Field is the venue where Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers play.

Trust Minuteman Heating & Air for Your Air Conditioning Repair in Arlington, TX

At Minuteman Heating & Air, Arlington property owners will find a trusted team of experts for all their cooling, heating, and plumbing needs year-round. Our experienced and certified technicians dedicate themselves to bringing indoor comfort to their neighbors across Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. 

Do you need a dependable team for air conditioning repair in Arlington, TX? You can also count on us for duct cleaning, regular maintenance visits, and any other indoor climate control, air purification, or home comfort issues! If you make us your go-to team for complete customer satisfaction in Arlington, Texas, your comfortable home will be a testament to your excellent decision-making skills!

So, call Minuteman Heating & Air today at 817-563-1660 to discuss your air conditioning repair needs or schedule service. Check out our Arlington service’s repair specials, as well!

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