Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Arlington, TX

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair in Arlington, TX

You may be able to tell that your air conditioner is in dire need of repair majority of the time, but if you are a new homeowner or air conditioner owner then it might be difficult for you to deduce that your air conditioner in need of repair. At times the signs are so subtle that it might even be passed off as hallucinations if the air conditioner owner is not well aware of the signs.

When you know the signs the first thing you need to do is call the air conditioner repair person in Arlington, TX. It is better to get to the problem before it goes too far. A repair situation, if left unattended for too can lead the air conditioner beyond being fixable. This could cause problems on severe summer days.

During the summer the most important and common thing we do is keep the air conditioner on an entire day unless we step out of the house. Some people even have a knack for keeping it on while outside their home or they like to turn the air conditioner on via the smart home option when they are half an hour away from their home. It is said that almost 90% percent of the US owns an air conditioner.

The problem with buying any machinery object is that you need to look for any factors that might need to be maintained. When an object is used far too often, there might be a small sector of it that gets worn out or slightly damaged, which is a common occurrence. However, we need to keep an air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, to immediately call when we notice something is wrong. You can also call the air conditioning repair person in Arlington, TX, for regular maintenance checkups every year or less.

The reason for the problem to arise in the air conditioner is very simple. We only use the air conditioner during the summer and very early autumn, then it gradually shifts to winter time, then spring, during which time we do not need to use the air conditioner. This means that we are using the appliance only for two to 4 months, depending on the area. So, after keeping the machinery idle for so long and then kickstarting it immediately, it is possible that it might have gathered some rust during the time it sat uselessly.

One other reason that the air conditioner in your home is not working properly is due to lack of the refrigerant gas. The refrigerant is a gas that is used in the air conditioner to absorb the humidity and warmth present in the air, so the cool air can infiltrate the room. If the unit of the air conditioner that carries the refrigerant has a leak then it will mean that the air is not only really hot in the room, but it is also slowly poisoning the residents of the home. When you incur such a problem immediately call the air conditioner service in, Arlington, TX, rather than trying to fix it yourself.

In order to save your air conditioner and keep yourself and the other members of your family safe, look out for the following signs:

No more cold air

The only function of the air conditioner is to give out cold air on a hot day. If you feel that the air conditioner is only giving out hot air then you need to call in the air conditioning service in Arlington, TX. If you have turned the air conditioner to the lowest temperature that it can offer yet still the entire room is blazing hot, then you will certainly need to take it through the repair procedure. This could be because the compressor of the air conditioner is failing or has already failed. It could also mean that the Freon levels of the cooling unit are low. In either case, make sure to call the air conditioning service in Arlington, TX, immediately.


The air flow from the air conditioner is also a symptom that you need to look for. If you feel that the room is cooling down far too gradually or some areas of the home are cold and some areas are hot then you need to get your air conditioner and air ducts checked. The failed compressor of the air conditioner and the air duct issues are the two most common reasons for the gradual cooling of the room. If you are having such a feeling then you need to make sure to call your air conditioning service in Arlington, TX. Only after professional inspection and cleaning will you find that there was a possibility of debris being stuck in the air vent which may have been causing the slowdown of the air conditioner.

Issues with the thermostat

The thermostat is the only way that we can send commands to the air conditioner. It may that due to some technical issues the thermostat may not be relaying our settings to the main unit. The thermostat will allow you turn the air conditioner on or off or switch the temperature up or down. If you feel that the thermostat and the air conditioner are not going in sync then you will need to call the air conditioning service in Arlington, TX.

Weird noises

Your air conditioner can make a noise only when it starts up, otherwise, it should not be making any additional noises especially when it is running. Any sort of grinding, grating, or squealing noise is uncalled for. If you hear such noises or one of these noises then it is necessary for you to call the air conditioning service in Arlington, TXDo not open up the air conditioning unit and look for the problem yourself because you might make the problem worse rather than fixing it.

Whenever you experience one or more of the aforementioned signs immediately call for Minuteman Heating and Air the air conditioner expert in Arlington, TX, also build a good rapport with them so they can do frequent maintenance checkups.